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When it comes to fixing your LED/LCD TV set, you want only the best technician working on your TV. An amateur television technician might not have the necessary set of skills LED/LCD TV repair. In an attempt to fix your television, they might even cause it more harm. This is one thing you will not have to worry about when it comes to hiring a professional TV repair company. At ServiceTree we provide experienced technicians, our LED/LCD TV service costs are very competitive also provides 30 days warranty.

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Common Issues in LED/LCD TV

  • TV screen is blank
  • TV not switched on
  • Automatically TV switched off or on
  • HDMI port issue (depends upon the model we can fix the issue)
  • Horizontal line in the centre of the LED TV screen
  • Only horizontal line showing without picture
  • Squashed images in the screen
  • TV does not show picture but only plays the sound
  • LED TV displays picture but not plays sound
  • Backlight issue

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